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Despite often approaching our prospects exclusively, you may be able to open an account with us upon request. Waywolf is a future-forward company behind individual delivering combined technology, network, consultancy and end-goal solutions. Tailoring to an international audience without niche, Waywolf believes in a traditional, innovative practice when working with clientele.

  • Consultation
  • Technology
  • Brand Innovation
  • Networking

Your goals materialised.

Waywolf understands the balance required to market successfully in the constantly shifting market, technology has established strong mediums for brand recognition and inter-textuality. With all this opportunity it is a challenge for new and old businesses alike to develop and maintain a foothold. We utilise the latest strategies backed by our extensive network to ensure you are always ahead of the pack with the maximum capacity for exposure, engagement and conversion. The future is at our feet and marketing will shift from traditional push promotions to interpersonal network marketing and relational content funnelling; websites will move toward progressive mega-applications and social hubs and finally your clients will be more aware and distinct than ever before. Fortunately, Waywolf is here to help!

Organise and develop.

Marketing is about more than advertising, whether you wish to scale-up your existing business, evaluate long-term sustainability or develop a new brand entirely, Waywolf will be there to help you. One of the largest challenges modern businesses face is managing their time and resources strategically; this can cause significant stress on you and the company which is why executives too often micro or mis-manage their valuable skills due to an outdated systems, poor marketing strategies or under-performing staff. This can all lead to financial turmoil for a successful or upcoming business which is why we offer our exclusive support and a fresh set of eyes that may notice something you don’t. Contact our consultants today!

Future-proof your business and yourself.

When Waywolf joins your team on a project, your success is ours too, which is why we are fully committed to truly going above and beyond  unlike any-other. With different eyes on your operation, we can find and address challenges you may have missed; we bring a world of resources and experience to the table and ensure the longevity of the brand is ensured.

Average fee breakdown for consultancy is as follows:

  • Standard Project Basis 3722.00

    Employs a Waywolf agent to your account for the duration of a fortnight, at which time they will actively determine and execute required solutions (10 business days.)

  • Extended Project Basis 5230.00

    Employs a team effort to focus on your account for the duration of three weeks, at which time they will actively determine and execute required solutions, (15 business days.)

  • Individual Consultation rates 47.10

    Employs a Waywolf agent to your account for the duration of an hour, (60 minutes.)

(Additional fees may apply.)

Waywolf Specialised Sectors (Current)

  • Professional Services, (B2B)
  • Communications and Technology
  • Entertainment and Media

Our areas of speciality can apply to some corporate clients such as property developers or emerging tech companies, (B2B) and media based Individuals such as artists and directors. We make it out goal to maintain a very tight spread across industries so we may focus our resources and strengths where they count. Upon approach, we will review our current work load and your goals to determine whether we can open an account for you; our clients accounts may remain open for as long as they require which makes it an exclusive and unique opportunity.



Waywolf consolidates resources and focuses on each individual project to ensure maximum quality and performance, we work on the cutting edge of current technology to provide intelligent and effective results.

Waywolf can offer dynamic, unique business media such as interactive press kits, animated business cards and digital proposals.

Waywolf developers are able to design and develop landing pages, digital CV’s, websites and applications tailored to your requirements.


For Blockchain related matters, we can offer advisory, support and development starting at our standard consultancy rates listed above.


Waywolf screens and manages relevant business data for client benefit. Our data solutions include forecasting, reporting trends, building sustainability models and compiling statistics. We work hard to ensure all our data is sourced securely and is compliant of all current and upcoming legislative requirements. Please contact us for service and pricing details for Data and A.I related matters.


Waywolf encourages audiences to engage to a wide array of digital media via minimalist banners and other sleek rich media.

Your consideration is welcome and for you, we leave our card...

Waywolf Solutions, ABN: 6972 235 4986.

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