Waywolf Solution site update

The Waywolf Solutions website was recently down for maintenance and improvement, as a result a number of changes both aesthetic and practical have been made to ensure the best possible experience and ease of access via our site. Some of the changes made were:

  • UI redesign for a more sleek and dynamic theme,
  • Focus on a more minimal and friendly home area,
  • A progressive web-app has been implemented to allow users to download a mobile app version of our site for use on the go,
  • Client dedicated pages for visual progression and project  management,
  • A focus on secure payment portals to allow swift, confident transactions,
  • Image mapping on primary service areas for more tactile and unique interactions between users and our site.
  • A cleanup of messy or improperly formatted pages via CSS to ensure maximum quality visual and performance wise.

We are constantly working to create better more innovative means to offer our services, if you would like to offer some feedback or suggestions, please be sure to contact us.

Waywolf Solutions, ABN: 6972 235 4986.