Jesse young Origins.

Jesse Young, a vilified gunslinger formerly fought in the civil war. He ran in a gang out in the Midwest. Quite notorious, locally.  The Gramhm Gang, known for robbing stage coaches and large caravans. Sometimes robbed lone outlaws, no one big.  After the gang’s first attempt at robbing a small town bank, Johnny Gramhm the gang leader was shot in the gut. The gang abandoned the hit to save there beloved leader. There friend.

On the way back to there hideout from the failed job, Johnny Gramhm bled out. Before doing so he gave all ownership of the gang to Jesse Young. After a respectful and honorful burial for Gramhm, Jesse told the gang what had happened and that Jesse was the gang leader. But, after just a few days the entire gang including Jesse felt the gang should end. The Gramhm Gang was Johnny’s and when he died, the gang died. In 1898 nearly five years after the death of Johnny Gramhm, Jesse Young set himself to find a new meaning to life after rotting in a small jail cell for two of those years after simply killing any man who dared to go toe to toe with him in a draw.

One day the wrong man challenged him. Jesse won the duel but the father of that man didn’t care for it. That man, was able to pay the lawmen to arrest Young, to later hang. But, Jesse was quite the saver of his wealth and bribed the lawmen to simply let Jesse rot. And rot he did. That man would return many times throughout those three years to give Jesse a good beating to remind him that, he killed the wrong person. But, the money kept Jesse alive. Young was release from his small rugged cell after Jesse’s money had ran out and that man had stopped coming by. Jesse’s return to freedom wasn’t a happy one, where he found out every former gang member had died or left the state. He had felt that a mountain rain downed on him. He decided to ride south, to find new life, hoping to make Johnny proud and to make something of himself. If that was to join a gang or start his own. Or to settle down in a snowy log cabin and have a son. Something Johnny would would dream for. Jesse Young’s journey is untold and uncertain.

The year is now 1899.