Carson Knox Origins

Carson lived on a ranch that was owned by his father, sadly his father past due to alcoholism and Carson’s mother past during 1862 while giving birth.

In 1889 Carson was hunting when he heard a couple of gunshots coming from his ranch as he went back to the ranch he had only discovered that bandits had taken everything and completely robbed the place.

Then suddenly over the hills he heard laughter echo so he jumped on his horse following the direction of the laughter and spotted the bandits riding off and although he wanted to kill them without hesitation he took a moment to think and followed them to their camp. Later on that day he had been scouting the camp for some time now thinking about every exit trying to get into the mind of his enemies where would they run and how could they get out.

Eventually while coming up with some cunning plan a bandit on guard duty had seen Carson and shot at him, this is when Carson jumped on his horse riding out of there as fast as he could, once he arrived back at his ranch he knew it was dangerous to stick around but didn’t care this was his fathers last gift and he would rather die then give it up to some filthy bandits.

The next day he woke up feeling strange but heard men talking outside, as he went to check it out he got hit in the back of the head knocking him unconscious, couple hours went by then he woke up for a second time but a entrepreneur leader looking guy gets on his knee and says don’t ever follow my men again Carson then stared him right in the eyes, the man stood back up and said “we live in a cruel world” then threw Molotov cocktails at the ranch burning it down to ash.

Hours later once they left, Carson was on the floor in shame and anger everything his father left him gone. 

Weeks had gone by and Carson was in grieving but yet couldn’t do anything against an entire crew but then a thought struck him so he went to buy materials,weapons and better clothing then started making the ranch into some sort of fort placing wooden planks here and sandbags there. Eventually he put both revolvers in each holster but modified them to hold 8 bullets not 6.

The next day his plan was ready to go so he went back up to the bandit camp placed a makeshift bomb at the gate and leaving a note outside in line of site saying “come get me   And this time why don’t you just kill me your old friend Carson”.He knew the note had worked because the ground was vibrating knowing a lot of men riding horses were on the way and before they could even get off their horses dynamite goes of blowing fields into flames. Carson then starts shooting with both revolvers equipped killing every bandit he could get his eyes on defending the ranch alone 1 against 50, eventually the remaining bandits scattered and fleed.

Carson then jumps on his horse riding to the bandits camp which had no men inside but the leader as Carson walks into the camp he gets shot in the arm. Eventually as they shoot at each other they run out of ammo and take it fist to fist Carson throws punches with one arm as the leader throws punches with two Carson then notices an explosive barrel he kicks the leader and gives him a good right hook leaving him disorientated, Carson then runs towards a tent acquiring another revolver he picks it up and shoots it upwards at this point they are both bloodied and the leader starts shouting taunts Carson is about to end the leaders life but lawmen show up telling Carson to drop his weapon and thank him for capturing a wanted criminal, but that isn’t good enough for Carson considering the leader took what Carson held dearly so he shoots the barrel killing the leader and then dives behind some rocks and as the lawmen shoot at him he returns fire but jumps on his horse knocking over all the lawmen in his way but escaping with his life.

The year is now 1899 and who knows where Carson is or what he is up to.