Adriel Ahote Origins

Adriel Ahote Origins

America, land of the free, or so it used to be…

Despite arriving in America long before the colonialist brutes responsible for allegedly ‘taming the frontier’ Adriel’s ancestors had peacefully and prosperously lived in for generations, the people of the Apache, Sioux, Shoshone and Cheyenne tribes are portrayed as little more than backward savages by America’s new more ‘Civilised’ inhabitants.

Born in 1881, growing up in a time of xenophobia, war and oppression created no easy upbringing for Adriel yet this did not deter him from becoming a good person. His parents, one a soothsayer in his tribe the other an entrepreneur from New York were often supportive of Adriel yet were also a prime source of bullying material for other kids to use against him given the fact his father was a white man.

Adriel would practice with his bow every day for hours upon end, sometimes forgetting to eat and drink he was that engrossed in what he was doing. He did not view his love for the bow, a tool of violence, as a means to kill but as an art form. He admired the skill and dedication it took to be an effective marksman, something he strived to be him self one day.

By the age of 18, Adriel had an almost innate ability to track down and kill animals, locate rare flora and fauna in a heartbeat, use conventional weapons like the tomahawk and bow to an extremely accurate and deadly degree but also with a level of finesse and brew potent medicines that no commoner’s snake oil could possibly ever rival. 

All these factors ensured he could not only handle him self but also made him an extremely well respected figure among his and other tribes, quickly putting to rest the fact his father was a Bilagaana (White person). One fateful day however, Adriel’s comfortable life in the thick wooded seclusions of Tall Trees was about to come to a gruesome, bloody halt.

Adriel’s father, due to his skin colour and charisma, was usually the one to do supply runs to the local town Blackwater. Unfortunately for him however the rest of the world didn’t happen to share his tolerance for minorities and people knew of his affection towards the supposed ‘savages’ he consorted with leading many suspicious townsfolk and the military to view him as a sympathiser and a spy.

One fateful day however, public outcry had reached tipping point and on a supply run like no other he’d had before, Adriel’s father was confronted by an angry mob outside Blackwater of which its members contained lawmen who without remorse beat him beyond recognition to a bloody pulp before having him arrested and interrogated. That was the last Adriel heard of his father, but whatever happened to him in the cold confines of Sicica State Penitentiary, was enough to make him talk.

Days after his capture and torture, a platoon of Colonel Favours men were dispatched to Tall Trees to kill or have their way with Adriel’s tribe. At the time of the massacre, Adriel had heard the gunshots but was embroiled deep in a hunt and was too far away to judge accurately where the shots were coming from.

Upon arriving back to his now decimated home, Adriel witnessed for the first time just how cruel life could be. Bodies of childhood friends lay burnt to a crisp beyond recognition. The severed limbs of tribe elders decorated the ground with vibrant splashes of now dried crimson blood. Tents lay ablaze with now dying fires reducing cloth to ash. A sickly smell of rotting flesh filled the air, choking Adriel as he tried to inhale the pungent fumes to breathe.

Adriel rushed to his family teepee. Pulling back the make-shift door he saw to his absolute horror his mother, laying there riddled with bullet holes, choking on her own blood. There was nothing he could do. She looked him in the eye and uttered four words. “Be better than this..” embracing her one last time, Adriel sat with her for what felt like hours…

After burying his mother and dismantling and tidying the mess what the soldiers had left behind, Adriel decided to take his mothers words to heart. Revenge would surely get him killed. Adriel did not fear death but did not want to hasten the process either, especially not for a cause as meaningless as revenge, nor did he wish to let down his mother. He was sure Favours and his men would pay one day, just not by his hand… 

After this life scarring event, Adriel became a recluse and a survivalist, hunting every day deep in the woods just to make ends meat, fighting skinners, the US army, Bounty hunters and anything bigger than him with teeth and an appetite. This earned him the second name of Ahote meaning ‘lives in the woods’. As well as being revered by locals as the ‘Lone Survivalist’. It was said by locals that a restless man in covered in leaves and dirt could often be seen at night in the woods of Tall Trees. In reality, Adriel would often be wearing a bloodstained hunter’s jacket embroiled with leaves and twigs, armed with a bow with a quiver full of his custom-made arrows.

Come 1899, Adriel is now serving jail time in his father’s tomb, Sicica. Fuelled with nothing but hatred for the army after being framed and imprisoned for stealing a military issue medical vaccine supply wagon, Adriel hears rumour of a gang with similar morals actively recruiting known as the Indigo Princess headed by Flynn Prince…