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Extend your value with credits that can be used for products and services within the Waywolf network…

Omega package - $ 500.00

The Omega pack includes:

5000 credits across the growing Waywolf network.

Waywolf Dynamics premium membership

Dedicated Waywolf page

Extensive support

Beta package - $ 1000.00

The Beta pack includes:

10,000 credits across the growing Waywolf network.

Bonus 1000 credits ($100 value!)

3 months Waywolf Dynamics membership

Dedicated Waywolf page

Extensive support

Alpha package - $ 5000.00 

The Alpha pack includes:

50,000 credits across the growing Waywolf network.

Bonus 2500 credits ($250 value!!)

12 months Waywolf Dynamics membership

Dedicated Waywolf page

Extensive support

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If you would like to use our traditional pricing model for services, please find the estimates below for reference. Tap an individual service on the left column for more information and to view our portfolio.

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Additional information


Depending on the nature of the project, a standard service contract will be created for approval and signature by the client; additional agreements may be made if applicable (eg. Non Disclosure Agreement.)

Service origins

Depending on the scale of the project, it is either produced in-house or via independent contractors for Waywolf to ensure the best possible experience.

Payment methods

Review your invoice for details specific to making a payment; the methods accepted are…

Online via Waywolf payment portal.

Direct wire transfer.

Over the phone.

Terms of service/Privacy policy

Please find our terms of service and privacy policy on the following page…


What is the Transparency Model?

(Currently in development.)

The transparency model is a dynamic, adaptive business model that was introduced by Waywolf Solutions, it involves the tracking and display of service/product relevant data for customer benefit. This is data such as:

Base minimum costs required for delivery of a product/service and the additional service fees and details to compare and develop a stronger insight.

Origin, as in how, where and with whom it is being produced. (Eg. In-house/Outsourced.)

This data will be used to provide the following:

Validity and contracting; one of our goals is to have a fully transparent and mutual marketplace for consumers, this will be an environment that is consistent in quality and cost to ensure that there is no over or under-pricing for businesses and clients. A later feature will be autonomous contracting between individuals which will be managed and verified via digital tokens.

Accessibility and mutual marketing; with a market regulated by this model, we can filter out unethical and illegal practices along with intrusive advertising methods. This will be accomplished by having applications and social networks link to the model and businesses can elect to become transparent operators. The model will function by having the opted business compile an analysis regarding their market offering, that data will then be represented either by QR code or alternative display to any inquiring party.

To enroll as an early supporter or transparent operator, please contact us. Additional information coming soon…