Business Development

Be different when it comes to business development.

Welcome to the beginning of a new chapter for you, a chapter of change and insight for the future of your business. Waywolf was founded on the principals of innovation while staying true to the convictions of the past such as courtesy and value, we strive to future-proof your goals because we believe that it is the quality and longevity of a service that defines it and not simply the quantity. We are a business that seeks to redefine what service should be, take your next step forward when ready.


What should I expect from business development?

Depending on your circumstances and goals, the core areas of development are about creating an environment for your business to operate and thrive even if you aren’t behind the desk one-hundred-percent of the time. These services are:

  • Web/Mobile based application development including sites, this creates accessibility for your audience and acts as the core platform for marketing.
  • Policy creation including terms with integration for business materials so that you and your clients are compliant with legislation and understand the terms of use.
  • Style guides, graphic design and content creation; this is to define and communicate your business in a consistent, attractive and professional manner.
  • Data entry, internal organisation, bookkeeping and resource management are critical to ensure smooth daily operation of a business.
  • Forecasts, time management and planning are fundamental and subject to regular review, even more so for new businesses.
  • Networking and virtual office services seek to maximize exposure while limiting expenses.

Client particulars:

Upon starting a project with us, our clients receive an introductory package with details for login to their Waywolf-dedicated page, here they can view the status of the project, arrange discussions and manage the services directly. After the completed project, they are given the option for their dedicated page to be converted into a business profile use and are sent a detailed report of the project and invitation to the WMN (Waywolf Members Network.)