Are you on a budget and looking to create a landing page to promote your content and generate leads?… We are here to support you and your business which is why we will build you a solid landing page for three-hundred and fifty dollars with no extra fees or strings attached.

The terms of this service are as follows:

Complete and submit the provided form.

Welcome to your L350

The project request will be processed and an overview with invoice will be issued to the designate email address. By requesting this service you acknowledge that the price is for a single-page web site with the function/purpose of a landing page. All hosting, domain and other site related costs will be deferred to the client and are the clients sole responsibility. Development will use the provided materials for design and in the event that no suitable materials are provided we will request additional materials from you, these materials are for the aesthetic design of the site and are provided to us with permission to use for the development of the landing page. If after a request is made no such materials are provided, we will use generic design materials to complete the site within our best judgement. Prior to completion of a site, we will ask you to review the page and whether additional changes are needed for your satisfaction, after this review all changes are final and the client understands that the site will be delivered on an as-is basis at the time of completion. If the client seeks to have further changes made or additional work done, a new project will be created along our standard service charges. A *partial refund may be accepted for landing page development if a reasonable request is made within 48 hours of completion, (A $75.00 AUD setup cost is non-refundable and the maximum refund amount is $275.00 AUD.)