Supporting the right causes for the right reasons.

Waywolf dedicates their extensive skills and resources to causes that matter because we only work with clients that we completely believe in and through this conviction, we know that their success is ours too.

Execution is key.

As part of our affordable web selection, the Executive Base Theme is an excellent example of the quality standard we aim for with Waywolf web design and development. The theme incorporates strategic bold accents and complimentary colour schemes to encourage a professional, clean look. 

Stand out and define your brand!

Another brilliant example of Waywolf web design is the Refined theme which is one of three affordable base options for fsat, easy web development. The design offers flexible elements that can be changed on the fly with dark contrasts to suggest distinction and ease. This is a very balanced, multi-purpose theme.

Less can sometimes be more.

The Minimal demo is available for use within our fast and affordable base options. The site is clean, responsive and extremely ergonomic; it welcomes all users with a crisp, familiar white backdrop while emphasising  areas of interest. This is a site for straight-forward, no-nonsense operations.

Each client is another step forward.

This project was developed with a traditional and simple goal in place. The overall layout is minimal enough to work on all devices, users may access information and content quickly and with ease.

Our brand is in our work.

This site conveys information is a visually heavy fashion, the intent behind this is to quickly lead users down the page with minimal resistance.

Maximise results while minimising waste.

While utilising a style guide, we mixed intelligent graphic elements with a balanced amount of text to ensure an interesting and attractive for first time visitors and returning users. 

A company is a reflection of the people involved.

This was a site that required authority and legitimacy via a clean, one page base theme. The site itself needed to quickly highlight the businesses strengths while reasserting itself as a critical pillar of information in the Block-chain industry. 

Opportunity is abundant, especially online.

When a project is time sensitive, the most important factor is getting the critical functions of the site underway. In the case of this site, we implemented an attention-drawing style guide into a very efficient and straight-forward e-commerce platform.

Materialise your dreams.

While digital marketing and business development can grow a business to a certain point, beyond that is the expansion of physical branding. In this example, we planned, supported and executed a carefully balanced campaign of digital focus and physical deployment to help cement the brand as an iconic, street name through merchandising.

All businesses offer value, some just have better ways of sharing it.

We have proudly helped numerous businesses, large and small with developing their digital footprint and securing it for the future.

Building an avatar.

When we accept a design project, we first evaluate the key strengths and weaknesses that the particular client has, with this we can begin to look at the ideal target audience for our client by building a proposed subject report or avatar. With this information we can tailor our efforts and designs to a fixed, reliable area where it will be acknowledged and engaged with.

Design is everything.

Our designing techniques and strategies are as innovative and unique as our brand, we look at a creative challenge from every possible angle before taking our stylus to the screen. We believe our clients deserve and trust us for it.

Iconic identity.

We believe that a logo is one of the most important aspects of a successful business, it must be able to inspire pride throughout it’s people and convey a very distinct message. We believe that to create a truly iconic logo, it needs to be a process, an evolution even to get to that final stage of reflection and perspective. That is why, when we design a logo, we try to avoid putting a time limit or cost on it as the real value of the brand will flourish once the logo has.

Experience shows for itself.

It is amazing how over time, with experience you come to notice and understand details and concepts that were not so apparent. This is why we always sit down and talk with out clients to help them see things that may have been possibly overlooked. it is for this reason that promotional materials are a very difficult thing for us to future-proof, but we will try our best regardless.